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Online Safeguarding Checklist


We passionately believe in the advantages of our online lessons that are structured, focused on the curriculum and supports computational thinking skills. We have managed provide access to our Tech Teachers remotely to help support students at home learning. All our Tech Teachers work in schools, are fully enhanced DBS cleared and have a strong understanding of their safeguarding responsibility. Safeguarding is our top priority, so we have listed our processes to keep pupils safe whilst learning online. 

Online Classroom Set Up

1. Our online classroom is provided via a private zoom link sent to parents after booking for that single session only.

2. The teacher will go through SMART objectives (see below) with students at the beginning of each lesson to reiterate important steps children need to take when online

3. One-way video communication only where students are only able to see the teacher.

4. No full names are visible in the online classroom.

​5. Two-way chat communication, the chat feature is only available between the student and the teacher. If a child is having any issues with chat they are able to use the 'raise hand' feature and the can speak to the teacher using their on board computer microphone. 

6. Registers are taken using children first names to keep a record of who is joining the online classroom

7. Every lesson is recorded for the safety of our pupils and teachers.

Our online teachers have a duty to respond if they suspect a child in their care may be suffering from abuse, or if a child makes a disclosure about abuse our staff will act in accordance with our Child Protection Policy. A copy is available on request.

If you want to raise a safeguarding concern then please email our safeguarding officer at info@nextthing.education.


NextThing Education Clubs operates a zero tolerance policy to discrimination or bullying of any kind. Every participant involved in our sessions is of equal value and entitled to equal access of opportunity. Any misbehaviour students will initially receive a verbal warning, however any further inappropriate behaviour may lead to being removed from meeting and you will be notified of this after the session is complete.