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Roblox is a great educational tool for children to push their creativity and imagination! This course is a great opportunity for kids to dive into the immersive world of Roblox and create their own immersive worlds!

For ages 7-12

Key Skills:
Practice Programming Language, Variables, Loops and Conditionals
Unleash their creativity
Great foundation for a career in game design

From beginner coders to Roblox entrepreneurs, this course is caters for all ages and skill levels so everyone can discover their love for game development.

10th August - 14th August
Monday 10th August [ 1 pm - 4 pm ]
Tuesday 11th August  [ 1 pm - 4 pm ]
Wednesday 12th August [ 1 pm - 4 pm ]
Thursday 13th August  [ 1 pm - 4 pm ]
Friday 14th August  [ 1 pm - 4 pm ]






Roblox Game Studio is 3D world creation platform that takes childrens creativity to the level. The physics engine within this creation tool provides interesting challenges.



  • Either a Windows or Mac computer



  • Roblox Game Studio installed


Virtual Camp Information

The virtual camp runs 3 hours of instructor led activitties each day from 1pm - 4pm (with a 20 minute break). The sessions will be 1-way video communication from the teacher and audio only from students unless they are stuck and need to screen share. students will be able to use the message box to communicate with the teacher also. The meeting will start exactly on the hour. If you are over 10 minutes late you will not be able to join the session and will need to call to arrange another time slot for that day.

Roblox Game Development - Virtual Camp 1 pm - 4 pm