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Home schooling made simple

Virtual Camp Courses 

Minecraft Coding 

Mon 24th - Fri 28th August

Bringing coding and logic to the virtual world of Minecraft

Ages: 7 -12         Time: 9 am- 12 pm


Roblox 3D Game Creation

Mon 17th - Fri 21st August

With physics engines this environment provides real world challenges

Ages: 7 -12         Time: 1 pm - 4 pm


Microbit Madness

Mon 20th - Fri 24th July

Get Creative, code and learn with a pocket-sized computer.

Ages: 7 -12           Time: 1pm-4pm


Python Programming

Mon 17th - 21st August

complex scripts explained and programmed with interesting outcomes.

Ages: 7 -12         Time: 9am - 12pm


Advanced Scratch

Mon 27th - Fri 31st July

Take their knowledge to the next level building more complex programs.

Ages: 7 -12            Time: 9am-12pm


See what our customers have to say

"I am supremely grateful to the entire team! You are incredible, thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Cleone Barton

"I LOVE what you guys are doing! Helps us here at home SO much!"

Liz Smith

"The lesson is going really well so far, Thomas is presenting really well and the set up is really good"

Fiona Hart

My son really enjoyed the lesson, he is already booked on for more sessions and is looking forward to them!

Sharon Boyd

Thank you to everyone involved in this session, it was excellent, very professional and well paced.

Anna Caroe